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[폭스바겐파이낸셜서비스코리아] 소비자보호&법무부서 신입 채용 (~11.20)

등록일 2022-11-15 작성자 학과 관리자 조회 135

Volkswagen Financial Services Korea

Consumer Protection&Legal team Associate


Company Information

Volkswagen Financial Services” 독일법인인 Volkswagen Financial Services AG 자회사의 통합 브랜드명이며, 폭스바겐파이낸셜서비스코리아 주식회사는 Finance, Leasing, Mobility 서비스를 제공하고, 보험대리점인 폭스바겐인슈어런스서비스코리아 주식회사는 Insurance 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.


Job Description

[Support on corporate governance matters]

§   Support in preparing for meetings of BOD(Board of Directors), shareholders by drafting meeting minutes and coordinating schedules of participants

§   Organize and maintain corporate documents (e.g. Articles Of Incorporation, meeting minutes, original contracts with 3rd parties, litigation documents, business certificates, etc.) in filing systems, both paper and electronic

§   Initial review of contracts with 3rd parties


[Support on management of external legal consultants]

§   Timely update the legal expense tracker and process payments of legal expenses

§   Organize and maintain external legal opinions and internal legal advices for development and management of legal database

§   Support on the communication and coordination with the external law firms


[Cooperation with requests from other departments and external authorities]

§   Coordinate data requests and notices from FSS(Financial Supervisory Service) with relevant business departments under supervision of the department head

§   Handle data requests or simple inquiries from other business departments under supervision

§   Participate in simple projects led or driven by other business departments under supervision



§   Perform other required tasks requested by the department head (e.g. legal researches, proofreading legal documents, drafting documents, etc.)

§   Leading training level projects or participating in projects led by the department head




Job Requirements

§   기졸업자 혹은 2023 2 졸업예정자(Full-time 근무 즉시 입사 가능한 인원)

§   법학 관련 전공자

§   비즈니스 영어 가능자

§   법무부서 관련 업무 경험자 우대

§   MS Office 중급 활용 가능자


Additional Information

ü  전형방법: 1 서류전형 / 2 면접전형
- 서류/면접 전형은 합격자에 한하여 별도로 연락을 드립니다.

ü  제출서류: /영문 이력서, 국문 자기소개서

-각종 증빙서류는 서류전형합격자에 한해 추후 제출

ü  접수 방법: 이메일 kr.recruit@vwfs.com 

ü  마감일: 11 20() 마감이나 채용 상황에 따라 조기 마감될 있음